SSK Council: The Surgical of Kenya Society of Kenya (SSK) Council comprises an Executive committees of President, Vice President, Secretary, Deputy Secretary and Treasurer and members who represent different SSK regions, subspecialties, gender, associates and COSECSA constituencies.The council crafts policies for the organization and oversee the implementation of the 2013-2018 strategic plan of the society.

SSK Foundation

This is still in its nascent stages. The SSK envisages that the Foundation will be key instrument for mobilization of resources to allow successful implementation of all programs. Senior members of the society have embraced the concept and have committed to run with it. Under the leadership of Prof. George Magoha, Mr. Shashi Patel, Mr. MR Khan and Mr. Moses Oketch, the Foundation will acquire the status, shape and form to deliver on its mandate.

Divisions & Committees

Division of Member Service

The strongest pillar of the society is the members. We have noticed the increased participation of members on every activity. The Associates committee coordinates activities specific to the associate members including the residents fora, social programs, mentorship and participation in surgical camps.

Division of Surgical Quality & Access

Access to quality surgical care is still a problem in most parts of the country and outcomes for trauma, cancer and surgical infections are key quality patient care. The society has programs to both educate and lobby for change of policy in these key areas.

Division of Surgical Education

Key to achieving quality care is the quality of training the health care workers get. Several committees have been established to deliver on a number of educational programs designed to achieve this goal.