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Key to achieving quality care is the quality of training the health care workers get. Several committees have been established to deliver on a number of educational programs designed to achieve this goal.

Scientific Conference Committee

This is charged with the organization of the annual scientific conference which is the highlight of educational activities in each year. The activities organized include pre-conference workshops, satellite symposia, surgical fora, debates, tumor and trauma boards and named lectures all geared to update and inform members on trends in surgery.

Committee on Continuous Surgical Education

Surgical practice continues to change world-wide due to new and high level evidence from the plethora of research results published every day. This committee is tasked with coordination of continuous education sessions which take the form of half-day symposia or shorter sessions for members in Nairobi and outside the capital city. Members are able to claim CPD points when they attend and participate in these sessions. We have noticed increased participation by our members on these symposiums and do hope that it will reflect on the practice and patient outcomes.

Surgical training and Education committee

This committee looks at the training of the next generation of surgeons from a quality and standardization perspective. Programs for Cosecsa trainees in Kenya re coordinated by members of this committee as well as exploration of a common platform of training expectation for Kenya surgery trainees, whichever program they may belong to. The committee has developed a site accreditation document which defines what sites hopping to be accredited fro the COSECSA training should consider. It has also brought together program directors from all other training programs to share experiences on training and highlight best practices that should be adopted across all programs. It is hoped that the committee can continue to work together with bodies such as the Medical Practitioners and Dentist Board to advocate for similar standards of training and evaluation across all programs – whether MMed, Collegiate or otherwise leading to the creation of a National Board of Surgery.

Annals of African Surgery Journal Committee

The Annals of African Surgery is the official journal of the surgical society of Kenya. It is run by an editorial board of seven and an editorial team of five. The board and the team ensure the timely release of issues of the journal, efficient peer review process and continuous improvement of the quality of the papers published.