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Access to quality surgical care is still a problem in most parts of the country and outcomes for trauma, cancer and surgical infections are key quality patient care. The society has programs to both educate and lobby for change of policy in these key areas.

Surgical Camps Committee

The surgical camp committee works to ensure quality surgical care is accessed by the very poor of the society through annual camps in remote regions of Kenya. This giving back program is achieved though the volunteering spirit of members (they give their time, talents and resources) as well generous support from partner organizations, hospitals and Universities. Our 2013 for example was in Samburu and Meru counties where 100 patients were operated on for free. Sixteen surgeons and seven resident trainees formed part of the 58 volunteers. The session achieved its triple goals of education, skills transfer and accessing specialist surgery service to local community.

Surgical Oncology Committee

The nascent committee on oncology started work in 2014. Planned activities for the committee include the establishment of solid tumor registry. This will be based initially at the Kenyatta National Hospital and later rolled out to hospitals in different counties across the country. The committee is driven by the understanding that t it is only through documentations of our processes and interrogating them that we will be able to improve on the outcomes of our surgical oncology patients.

Trauma and ATLS Committee

Trauma remains a common cause of mortality and morbidity in our Institutions. Good data is important in order to improve the outlook of injury. The committee will works towards a wholesome embrace of trauma registries across he SSK regions beyond KNH, Machakos and Meru where active trauma registries being developed. The committee is also working with other stakeholders including the Kenya Red Cross to enhance the response to disasters in the country. The team is also collaborating with American College of Surgeons (ACS) , Kenya red Cross (KRC), the Innovative Canadians for Change (ICChange) and the Indiana University to bring ATLS to Kenya. The promulgation of ATLS from the ACS will standardize advanced trauma and life support training in the country with the desired goal of improved trauma outcomes.

Committee on Surgical Infections

The rate if surgical site infection (SSI) can peak 26% in our environment. This increases the cost of care, takes up spaces for other patients and reduces the number of people involved in gainful economic activities for our country. The committee on Surgical Infections has raised interest in this area by way of workshops and symposia and purposes to document the burden in all SSK regions.