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ACS visit and ATLS demonstration course in March, 2015

The Surgical Society of Kenya (SSK) will be hosting the American College of Surgeons (ACS) from 2nd to 4th March, 2015. The meeting with the ACS takes place on 2nd March. This will be followed by a demonstration ATLS course which will run from 3rd to 4th, March, 2015.
This visit by ACS will determine whether we have in place key structures to allow the college go ahead with promulgation of ATLS in Kenya. The SSK is working closely with the Kenya Red Cross, Kenya Orthopedics Association, other specialty organizations, pre-hospital provider associations, ATLS training institutions, local Universities and hospitals, the International Canadians for Change (ICChange), Indiana University and Johns Hopkins University.
The final list of trainees drawn from listed stakeholders will be communicated soon.

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