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In Memoriam- Celebrating the life of Dr Daniel Alushula

It is with great sorrow that we announce the loss of our senior colleague Dr Daniel Alushula. Dr Alushula was a senior orthopeadic surgeon who served in the Western Chapter. He was also a current member of the governing council of the society. He was a brilliant surgeon, mentor, teacher, educator and an inspiration to many.

Dr Alushula was a champion for our surgical camps, both in organizing and in attendance over the years. His sphere of influence was wide and this is reflected in the tributes that are pouring in.

“He was a selfless man, a great doctor, a great surgeon, a great SSK member”

“A good colleague and committed surgeon to work with”

“A very warm person. Interacted with him at various SSK camps. Very great loss indeed”

“RIP Dr Alushula. You died serving your community. May the good Lord Bless you”

Dr Alushula was not just a surgeon, but a brother and friend to many. We would like to stand with him and his family at this time.

We would like to collect tributes, pictures and comments here that we can share with his family. Please share your thoughts or memories of our departed colleague.

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  • DANIEL KINYURU OJUKA I met Dr Alushula when i went to internship in Kakamega. At that point he had been a clerk, trained as clinical officer and was a medial officer. While an MO in surgery, he used to do surgeries for people who had been in the list for long , probably because they did not have money. He helped people a lot. He reported for postgraduate training that year. I found him in training when i joined 3 years later as a senior and left not long after. We met a number of times in SSK circles, especially in the surgical camps and conferences. He never missed surgical camps. hen he joined the council as a representative of western region, he would either give apology or come-he was a responsible and accountable man. He has done well running surgical camp. When i needed any work surgically related in western, he is the one i would turn to and we did a number of those. He was reliable. I would always take him to his hotel after meeting in the council. I have lost a close friend and colleague and dedicated surgeon.
  • Neford Ongaro Daniel. You left a mark on many, a memory among colleagues but certainly you lived a life of purpose
  • Shaban Saidi A very friendly guy. His presence would always ignite a positive feeling all round. May he Rest in peace
  • phoebe Wamalwa Dr. Alushula was my med sup in Webuye. Extremely energetic, disciplined, hardworking, very outgoing, a great mentor. Taught me how a Dr should behave professionally. He has since been my referee 10 years on. Death picked one of the best Drs. May he RIP.

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