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Students' Surgical Forum

A platform for medical students that promotes

interest in surgery and equips students with surgical skills

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The Students’ Surgical Forum (SSF) was founded by final year medical students from the University of Nairobi that wanted a platform to promote interest in surgery and equip students with skills to be effective at surgery.
Currently, the Students’ Surgical Forum (SSF) is comprised of more than 400 medical students (and growing rapidly) interested in surgery from almost every medical school in Kenya. The SSF launched the first AGM in July 2018 and began functioning in the last quarter of 2018.

Students' Surgical Forum Objectives

Training & Mentorship

We have trained over 500 medical students in a standardized basic surgical skills course that is taught by experienced student trainers. Under the instruction of seasoned surgeons from the Surgical Society of Kenya (SSK) and surgical residents, SSF members have also been taught how to perform more complex procedures like anastomoses, tendon, and vessel repair. With the skills and confidence that they acquire from the SSF trainings, many students then make an effort to go to theatre and perfect their skills with surgeons.


Another important aspect that is being targeted is research. Members are given opportunities to assist in ongoing research by registrars and consultants, giving them first hand experience of data collection and its subtleties. Soon they will be trained in all aspects of research which will enable them to design studies, and draft proposals.


Lastly, through our partnerships with regional, and international organisations like SSK, InciSioN, and EASSS we are able to get access and information to global events and news regarding conferences, advocacy programs, scholarships, internships, and a lot more. This gives our members exposure to all things surgical on a global stage.

Students' Surgical Forum Leadership

University of Nairobi local council
  1. Misbah Shakeel. Secretary of the local committee.
  2. Naserian Tonkei- Vice President, Communications UoN Charter
  3. Nafisa Agil – Treasurer
  4. Priyanka Panwar – President, UON Chapter
  5. Dindi Lilian – Director of External Affairs, UON Chapter.
  6. Hamoud Ibrahim – Vice president of Scientific Department.
  7. Mital Vaya – social and team building
  8. Kanake Cynthia Mwendwa – Head of Internal Affairs, UON Chapter
Egerton University local chapter officials:
  1. President- George Muli
  2. Head of communications- Nicole Kwizera
  3. Head of scientific department- Redscar Daniel
  4. Secretary – Brian Mwiti
  5. Treasurer – Jackline Karwitha
  6. Head of social and team building- Yasmin Biftu
  7. Head of internal affairs- Leshan Kereto
  8. Head of external affairs- Joshua Theuri Nyaga
Moi university local council
  1. Local president and Internal affairs – Pavanraj Chana
  2. Head of Scientific department – Ahmed
  3. Head of communications – Ashwinder
  4. Secretary – Atiyya
  5. Local treasurer – Daisy
  6. Head to IT – Victor
  7. Head of Human resources – Aisha
  8. Head of Social acitivities and Team building – Norvik
  9. Head of External affairs – Safiya
Kenya Methodist University local council
  1. Khalid Mohamed – level 6 local president
  2. Angelo Deng – level 4 – secretary
  3. Ruweidah Jamal – level 5 – local treasurer
  4. Isabel Njau – level 5- head of communications
Kenyatta University

SSF Advisory Council and Founders